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We are starting a new section in the newsletter – something which has been a classic in the group, and now we are bringing it back – CURATED READS!

Each week, we will be sharing 3 timeless articles from the business and startup ecosystem, which will act as guiding light for your business in some form of the Other.

Hope you like this one from our side!

UNDERSTANDING ME: lectures and interviews

This is a collection that brings together the works of Marshall McLuhan, compiled and edited by his long-time collaborator Stephanie McLuhan and his biographer David Staines.The book serves as an introduction to McLuhan’s groundbreaking ideas on media theory and communication, emphasizing how media and technology shape human experiences and societal structures.

It includes key lectures and interviews that showcase McLuhan’s insightful and often provocative perspectives, making his complex theories accessible to a broader audience.

Through this collection, readers can explore McLuhan’s concepts like the “global village” and “the medium is the message,” which continue to influence contemporary thought in media studies and beyond.

The book is a vital resource for understanding McLuhan’s legacy and the continued relevance of his ideas in the digital age

David Perell’s mid-year review

David Perell’s mid-year review is a reflective blog post where he discusses his achievements, learning experiences, and goals for the second half of the year. He emphasizes the importance of writing as a tool for personal and professional growth, highlighting his commitment to daily writing and sharing his insights through essays on various topics including business, education, and internet culture.

Perell also underscores the significance of community and collaboration in the creative process, advocating for the development of a “personal monopoly” – a unique area of expertise that sets an individual apart in their field.

This review serves as both a personal checkpoint and an inspirational guide for his readers, encouraging them to pursue their passions and continuously improve their craft

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