Sohail Khan

Chief Builder,
The Builders Club
Can help with Product Feedback, GTM and Fundraising

✅2X Founder
✅ Previously ran a funded startup
✅ mentored 50+ founders
✅ Award-winning podcast host
✅ Runs the largest entrepreneur focused community globally

can help you out with:

🔥Feedback on product
🔥Advise on GTM
🔥Looking to raise funds

The Great Indian Startup Summit & Awards 2024 is one of the best-curated startup events in the country where we celebrate, educate, and connect the best minds in the startup ecosystem in India.

​This is a full-day event where we will see 100+ investors, 50+ industry leaders, 40+ exhibitors, and 600+ founders come together and participate in panel discussions, pitch competitions, workshops, exhibitions, and an award ceremony.

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